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Typical New Patient Questions

What can I expect on my first visit?

On your first visit we will do a comprehensive dental exam, review your medical and dental histories, take any necessary x-rays, do a full periodontal examination, record existing restorations and do an oral cancer screening.

I am a new patient, should I have my old records transferred before my visit?

Yes, if possible. Your dental history is important in evaluating and planning for your dental future, even if you have not had any problems. Please have your x-rays and a copy of your records sent to our office by your previous dentist if possible. Sometimes they will have you sign a release to give them permission to forward the records and x-rays.

Should I take my pre-medication?

If you were told in the past to take pre-medication prior to your dental visit, please do so prior to coming in - and let our staff know when scheduling your appointment.

Prior to your first visit please review the following 3 forms
  • Dr. Mazzetti's Privacy Policy
  • The Dental Materials Facts Sheet
  • Health History Form

Please review the first two forms.
You will  be required to sign the statement to show that you received them.

To save you time upon your first visit please complete the
Health History Form and bring it to your first appointment.

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