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I had been looking for a good Dentist in the Bay Area after moving from Sonoma County. After researching for a while, I landed with this great husband & wife team. When I'm asked if I'd rather see Dr. Connie or Dr. Bob I love that I can say "whichever is available!" I feel comfortable with both and feel like I'm in great hands.

I would like to focus on the key points:

1) The office is clean and friendly.
2) The Staff (Front Desk, Assistant and Hygienist and the Mazzetti's) are friendly and  always in an upbeat mood.
3) Very thorough and meticulous - love when I asked a question they go in depth with details, concerns, and recommendations.
4) Always a Positive Experience and I trust that they will keep my teeth healthy and beautiful.
5) Like family

If you're in the San Francisco Peninsula area I highly recommend the Mazzetti's as they also have a Palo Alto location.

Union City

Dr. Bob and Connie are something else.They are both extremely nice and very professional in their work. Dr. Bob explained the plan of attack on my teeth and he was off. During the teeth cleaning procedure he would stop and ask how I was doing which I thought was great! Unfortunately, I ended up with two cavities which he filled right in. In the past I have been a little nervous getting my teeth cleaned and worked on because it can hurt at times, but I didn't feel a thing! I would highly  recommend him and I will surely be coming back soon.


Great doctor and staff.  Dr. Bob really cares about your teeth...its not do the basics and get out and he is concerned about it being pain free.  I'm not worried about a little bit of pain but if he's not sure you are 100% numb he'll wait for the shot to kick fully in or give more if need be.  And the TVs at each chair are nice to pass the time if you are getting a bunch of work done. Overall a great experience and I highly recommend.


Dr. Bob and Dr. Connie have wonderful demeanors and are very reassuring and comforting so if you're one of those patients who gets nervous going to the dentist you've found the right place.  They also make it a point to explain what they are doing and why.  After I went to them I wasn't nervous at all anymore. 


I have been going to the Dr's Mazzetti for quite a few years now and couldn't be more pleased with both of them. So much so that I have continued going to them even after I moved out of the area. I feel that both "Dr Bob" and "Dr Connie"  are such good Dentists that it's worth the extra effort.  

They also have a terrific staff.  Gloria at the front desk is always so accomodating and just a nice person to deal with. Their dental hygenist, Romalee (sp?) is also the best I've ever been to....very gentle and easy to communicate with.  Also, the office is very clean and well kept. They even have little flat screen tv's at every chair so you can watch tv while you're waiting or being worked on. So nice!


I've been going to this husband-wife dentist team since I moved to the Bay Area in 1996.  They also have an office in Palo Alto.  Dr. Connie is a great dentist and has a wonderful manner (she reminds me a bit of Charlene from Designing Women).  The staff is so friendly--it's like visiting old friends.  The So. San Francisco office is close to the So. San Francisco BART station.  I know there are a lot of dentists in the city, but I'll stick with Dr. Bob and Dr. Connie.

San Francisco

Had not been to the dentist in over 4 years. My last dentist left me financially traumatized. So I decided it was time to try out a new dentist. Could have not picked a better place! The staff is great, super friendly, helpful and communicate with you regarding everything being done. Dr. Mazzetti is super nice and he made it a point to make sure I was super comfortable at all times. I had three fillings redone in two weeks and couldn't be any happier. Dental hygienist's are also super nice and very gentle with the teeth. The lady at the front desk made is really easy to get me registered and get my billing situated with my insurance. She always sends out reminder calls as well as little reminder cards in the mail. I personally really like it so I would definitely recommend him.

Palo Alto


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